We are a small team, led by Noah Syrkis, working in artificial life and intelligence, art, information theory, and cognition. Our projects range from high resolution photography capturing the ethereal moments of the natural world, to complex computational models exploring the dynamics of artificial life and intelligence.

Noah's background, rooted in neurocognition, computation and art positions our team uniquely at the confluence of creativity and technology. We question and expand the creative boundaries of what is understood about cognition, both organic and artificial (or both carbon and silicone based).

Our projects range from: BCIIOI, exploring nano and brain tech; to RHOS, exploring notions of density and rotation; to the Erdős-Rényi illustrations, which plays with communication of science and mathematics; and to the Milton and Aurelian textures.

The work presented here are of a purely creative nature. All sales go to the furthering of the Virian Project. You can support us by exploring our portfolio, buying our art, or supporting Virian directly.